Redhead/ Pelirroja

I´m preparing a new painting, but first working out some previous works on watercolors. This is my first watercolor after so many years! After oil paintings, this technique requires a serious dedication. There´s no way back if you darken too much!

Mientras preparo mi próximo cuadro estoy haciendo unos dibujos previos para sacar ideas. Esta es mi primera acuarela después de tantos años! Acostumbrada al óleo, la acuarela requiere su seria dedicación. Si oscureces demasiado ya no hay vuelta atrás!


2 thoughts on “Redhead/ Pelirroja

  1. elenacaravela

    Exactly what kept me from watercolor for years, after working in opaque mediums! I took a year to experiment. Got to say that I still love my oils, but working watercolor my way is fun! What helped was no pencil drawing and going straight to the paint. I like the colors you’re layering and her expression very much:)

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      I agree! Watercolors are very fun and the texture they leave can be hypnotizing. It´s very brave on you not using any pencil before painting. I´ve worked drawing with pen directly, but can´t remember if I´ve done it with watercolors. I´ll try the experience, although right now I´m working on a series where the drawing has much importance. I also recommend you to check out a painter called “Voka”. He has incredible acrylic portraits, but his watercolors are amazingly beautiful!


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