Million Dolar Mercedes Band Sketch/ Apunte de Million Dolar Mercedes Band

I participated in the neighborhood artist´s 2014 this past weekend, and we made a small promo with this band. Another artist and me where located in a street, she was contributing with her art in a mural while I drew this two musicians who where playing at the same time as they moved towards us until we met. It was a great experience and more with this fun band playing their balcanic music. I could just take a quick sketch with pen, but finished it at home with some touches of watercolors.

Para una promo de los artistas del barrio de 2014, estuve haciendo un apunte rápido de dos de los componentes de esta divertida banda de sonidos balcánicos mientras ellos tocaban. Otra artista y yo estuvimos en un punto de la calle, ella aportando su arte en un mural y yo dibujando a los músicos que se iban acercando por la calle hasta donde nosotras estábamos trabajando. Fue una experiencia divertida, y más escuchando la música de esta banda muy recomendable. A mi me dio tiempo a esbozar unas líneas y luego en casa le di unos toques de color con acuarela.


2 thoughts on “Million Dollar Mercedes Band Sketch/ Apunte de Million Dollar Mercedes Band

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thanks Elena!! I had lots of fun doing it too, although the hardest part was trying not to dance much so I could attend the lines on the paper..!


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