Dibujo en acuarela del Loren

El Loren is a street musician and drummer who plays with plastic pails, kitchenware and other items used as instruments. He doesn´t need a drum to show his skills, and people stop by pleased when he plays. Keep drawing street musicians with ink and watercolors. Watercolors have me hooked lately!

El Loren es un músico callejero y batería que toca cubos de plástico, calderos y demás objetos utilizados como instrumentos. No necesita una batería para enseñar su destreza, y la gente se para encantada para verle tocar. Sigo en la línea de dibujar a los músicos callejeros con tinta y acuarela. La verdad que la acuarela me tiene enganchada últimamente..!


4 thoughts on “El Loren

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thank you Claudia!! I´m pleased with your comment! My work is made as a tribute to these musicians but I´m realizing my comments about them are making an approach to them too more than what I expected, so my objective is being achieved!! Thanks for following my work and glad you´re enjoying it!


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