Street musicians drawings. Dibujos de músicos callejeros.

Músicos callejeros canarios. Canary street musicians.

During my vacation in Gran Canaria, I was lucky to hear this street musician playing in the centrical street of Triana in Las Palmas. He had a melodic base music as background while he played his guitar on top. He played marvelously. He reminded me of the great Jose Antonio Ramos ( creator of the electroacustic timple), as he´s also big but with guitar instead of timple ( timple is a canary instrument similar to the guitar but very small and with five strings instead of six). It was my last day there and although I stayed great part of the morning around the place, he didn´t stop playing in order to ask him at least his name. So here I have a great musician but with no known name. If anyone knows I will be glad to put his name here or/ and receive more information about him.

Durante mi estancia vacacional en Gran Canaria tuve la suerte de escuchar a este músico callejero tocando en la céntrica calle de Triana en Las Palmas. Tenía puesta una música base de fondo mientras tocaba su guitarra por encima de ésta. Tocaba maravillosamente inundando el ambiente a su alrededor. Incluso me llegó a recordar al gran Jose Antonio Ramos ( creador del timple electroacustico) ,ya que éste también es grande, y tocando guitarra en vez de timple ( el timple para quien no lo conozca, es un instrumento canario parecido a la guitarra pero mucho más pequeño y tiene cinco cuerdas en vez de seis). Era mi último día allí, y aunque estuve por la zona buena parte de la mañana, no paró de tocar para poder preguntarle aunque sea su nombre. Así que aquí tenemos a este gran músico sin nombre conocido. Si alguien lo sabe o tiene alguna información más sobre él, estaré encantada de ponerlo aquí.



4 thoughts on “Canary Street Musician/ Músico callejero canario.

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thank you Carol! But no, it´s not oil it´s watercolor. I work small pieces as this one (11″ x 16″) in watercolor and meanwhile work, usually, bigger oils. My new purpose is try working looser watercolors, lets see where I get up to!

  1. elenacaravela

    Excellent, Palmira. I’m ashamed to say that I had trouble finding this page on your blog. I tried time and time again to find your most recent post, but instead always wound on on the “Welcome”. Glad I found it!

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Hmmm, thanks for telling me, do you usually find the same problem in my blog or is it something punctual? I´ll have to take care of that. I appreciate your comment!!


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