Sandra- Million Dollar Mercedes Band

Street musicians, músicos callejeros

Watercolor drawing of Sandra, 42 x 30 cm. Dibujo en acuarela de Sandra.

I know I´m mixing various themes lately, but I´m working in different thing at the same time and this is the way they´re coming out..! Maintaining the street musicians subject, here I post Sandra, the trombonist from the Million Dollar Mercedes Band, who played in my solo exhibition last November. She´s a great musician and person, and since I don´t get to see much women playing in the streets, I think this is a valuable drawing for me too. Unfortunately, since Madrid made the castings for street musicians ( a year and a half ago), this band isn´t playing in the streets anymore. It´s a pity, they could have cheered up lots of people  in their day by day, Instead, and fortunately, they are trying to keep on playing in cafes and diverse places of the capital.

Sé que estoy mezclando varios temas últimamente pero estoy trabajando en varias cosas a la vez y así es como va saliendo..! Manteniendo el tema de los músicos callejeros, aquí les presento a Sandra, la trombonista del grupo: Million Dollar Mercedes Band, que tocaron en la inauguración de mi exposición individual el noviembre pasado. Ella es una gran músico y persona, y puesto que no me encuentro muchas mujeres tocando en la calle, este es, además, un preciado dibujo. Desafortunadamente, con las pruebas que se realizaron en Madrid para poder tocar en la calle ( hace año y medio), este grupo ya no puede hacerlo. Es una pena, ya que podría sorprender y alegrar a muchos transeúntes , pero en consecuencia se están buscando hueco en diversos locales de la capital.


5 thoughts on “Sandra- Million Dollar Mercedes Band

  1. Rebecca

    I really like this picture – wonderful use of the watercolours and a very pleasing composition (I don’t know if the pun works in Spanish) !

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thank you very much Rebecca! I used a pro watercolor paper and I´ve noticed such a difference with the others I had used before! It´s great! By the way, what do you mean with pun?

      1. Rebecca

        It’s a joke where you use the different possible meanings of a word or words which sound alike but have different meanings. So, you can convey two meanings at once: in this case, you can have a musical composition, and a well-composed picture too 🙂

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