Tamara I

Portraits. Retratos.

Portraits. Retratos.

As I said in my last post, I´m trying new painting experiences in order to look for some mystery through the color and brushstrokes. I gave more emphasis to the painting process than to the similarity with the model. In this case I limited my palette into blacks and whites but I couldn´t resist to add a touch of ocher.  I used titanium white, carmine red, emerald green and a touch of ocher. Since I love color, I thought it would be hard to work in this tones, but it got to be much faster and more gratifying. The color didn´t disturb to obtain my objective and I think the result  got to be even more powerful than in color.

Como ya comenté en mi última entrada, estoy experimentando con nuevas experiencias pictóricas para conseguir mayor misterio a través del color y la pincelada. Le di más importancia al proceso pictórico que a la similitud con el modelo. En este caso limité mi paleta a tonos grises aunque no pude resistirme a dar unos toques de ocre. Utilicé blanco titanio, rojo carmín, verde esmeralda, y un toque de ocre. Como me encanta el color pensé que me resultaría difícil trabajar en estos tonos pero resultó ser un mucho más rápido y gratificante. El color no me distraía del objetivo y creo que prescindir de él le otorgó un resultado más potente a la obra.


2 thoughts on “Tamara I

  1. Carol King

    I’ve been comparing this portrait with the color one. This one actually seems a little softer even though one would think black and white would be harsher. I think it may be because the eyes are slightly different. Nevertheless, both portraits are very strong. You do lovely portrait work.

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thank you for your comments Carol!! Pleased to receive feedback and see how each portrait is received by each person. Yes, the eyes are a bit different, maybe I should have had to payed more attention to the drawing…


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