Detail of Irene/ Detalle de Irene

Theater portraits. Retratos de teatro.

Oil portraits in black and white. Retratos al óleo en blanco y negro. Theater people. Gente del teatro.

As I´m almost ready with the works I´m going to exhibit soon (6th of May in Gran Canaria!), here is a detail of my last painting. My project goes around the least known face of the theater, its corners and technicians. I specially focus on their women who keep on growing in number in this area since some time ago they weren´t able to do so in many sections (at least in Spain).

Ya casi he terminado con los trabajos que estoy preparando para la exposición que está al caer (¡6 de mayo en Gran Canaria!). Este es un detalle de mi última pintura. Mi proyecto trata sobre el lado menos conocido del teatro , sus rincones y trabajadores técnicos. Especialmente me centro en sus mujeres ya que hasta hace no mucho éstas tenían vetado mucho de los trabajos donde hoy en día se van sumando en número.

3 thoughts on “Detail of Irene/ Detalle de Irene

  1. Rebecca

    Palmira, I think this is such a lovely portrait, she looks so alive and captured in the moment. The black and white is just perfect. 🙂

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Thank you so much Rebecca! ! : ) When I started thinking about doing them in black and white, I didn´t realized they would gain much more than in color.


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