Spanish sayings/Refranes españoles

Perro ladrador...

As we´re returning from summer vacations, I want to make it a bit more pleasant and so I´m sharing some drawings I made from spanish sayings. I don´t know how´s the equivalence in english so I´ll be glad if you can help me with them. Literally this would be something as: barking dog, little biter.

Como la vuelta de las vacaciones cuesta un poco, les iré dejando una serie de dibujos sobre refranes españoles para que la transición sea más amena. El primero de ellos es este: perro ladrador, poco mordedor. ¿Lo adivinaste antes de leerlo?

5 thoughts on “Spanish sayings/Refranes españoles

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Yes Rebecca, that might be the translation. It makes sense. The meaning would be something as: those who threaten and get angry are usually the ones who don´t take action and won´t go further. Thank you! ; )

      1. Rebecca

        There’s another less polite one with a similar meaning which is ‘he’s all mouth and no trousers.’ (all talk and no action). 😉

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