Spanish sayings III/ Refranes españoles III

Por el humo...

Well, here I continue with drawings of spanish sayings. The literal translation for this one would be: by the smoke you know where´s the fire. Do you have this saying in english? How would that be? It means that if you follow the clue(s) you´ll get to the point.

Bueno, seguimos con la semana de dibujos de refranes. En este caso tenemos representado el refrán: por el humo se sabe dónde está el fuego. La verdad que es curioso cómo se puede representar refranes. Seguro que cada uno dibujaría cosas totalmente diferentes. Sería interesante de contrastar…

2 thoughts on “Spanish sayings III/ Refranes españoles III

  1. Michael Richards (certainline)

    Interestingly we have ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ but that means if unpleasant things are said about someone or something, there is probably a reason.I suppose smoke and fire were pretty much to the forefront when sayings were being made up!

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Very true Michael, it would be interesting to know by what time this saying begun. Maybe I was wrong and the right meaning is: the effect can help find the cause. In Spain I don´t think we related it with unpleasant things said about someone or something, but it´s a long time I don´t hear it used, so I may be wrong too…


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