Spanish sayings VI/ Refranes españoles VI

Burro grande

Well, I bet this one can be more difficult to know. Trying to draw a saying isn´t always easy! This drawing is translated to: big donkey, either if he walks or not. The meaning would be sort of a critique to those who set before size than quality. Not for being bigger means it´s better.  How would be the saying in english?

Bueno, el dibujo de este refrán puede ser más complicado que otros.  Sabrías decir a cuál se refiere?  Ilustrar refranes no siempre es fácil! El resultado es: burro grande, ande o no ande. Creo que algunos sustituyen el burro por un caballo pero el significado sería el mismo, una especie de crítica a aquellos que anteponen el tamaño a la calidad ya que no siempre lo más grande es lo mejor. ¿Conoces alguno que signifique lo mismo pero se diga de otra manera?

2 thoughts on “Spanish sayings VI/ Refranes españoles VI

  1. Claudia McGill

    I LOVE this drawing. The donkey is just great, looking so put out at being asked to follow along! And the man looks like he is used to this situation… Now I thought about this one saying, and all I can come up with is, good things come in little packages, which is sort of a way of saying, if something is small, don’t underestimate its power, or how good it might be. Its size is not related to its value. (I’ve seen this phrase used in jewelry advertisements!)Kind of the opposite of your saying but maybe in the same family?

    1. Palmira G.Q. Post author

      Jijijijij yes, I suppose “good things come in small packages” is from the family. It´s not the exact meaning but seems to conclude that small things are better.. In any case, in spanish we say “good things come in small jars”. We just change packages for glass. ; )


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